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Private Project

Local Grocery

doc.assist guides, doctors, and nurses, through every documentation task – in a way that is comprehensible, complete, and easy to use.

My Role

- Ideation

- Conception

- User Experience Design

- User Interface Design



Supporting Local Business


Existing tools are often too complex and therefore poorly adopted by users; lack of a mobile infrastructure or one that does not cover all processes; last but not least, the existence of many small stand-alone documentation solutions instead of a unified system.


doc.assist maps the entire process of nursing and medical measures and the associated documentation, which significantly saves time and reduces human error.

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Manage task

doc.assist screen.png
doc.assist screen 2.png
doc.assist screen 3.png

The tasks can be adapted to the individual needs of the patient based on the professional judgment of the doctor or nurse. The relevant tasks are presented to each doctor and nurse on the mobile device. They can then freely decide which tasks to perform.

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